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Wand in Hand for Wizards Unite


I am a new wizard. I played Pokemon Go for a couple of years before getting bored. I recently started again as my youngest is a huge Pokemon fan and it is fun to play it with him now.

I’ll admit that I have not told anyone yet that I downloaded Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the latest augmented reality entry from Niantic. I wanted to get a head start and learn the game a little bit.

I have limited experience, but so far so good. It was fun to use the spells and I have chosen my wand and house – I am a Ravenclaw.

Wizards Unite definitely has more gaming to it and story immersion than Pokemon Go. As such, I am encouraged that it will hold attention longer. However, that means there is more of a learning curve to get casting.

Niantic has announced that it is rolling out the game to more locations and as with Pokemon Go, I expect that enhancements will be added to encourage the social game play.

Just collecting will get old fast, so I am looking forward to advancing in my experience to see where the game may take me. It definitely has been fun to step into the H P world as part of my own.

Have you joined Wizards Unite? What do you like or not like? And please share tips for a new wizard.


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