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Join Us for Play Anywhere Millvale on September 29


Join us for Play Anywhere made possible by Play Everywhere by Kaboom at the Millvale Food + Energy Hub at the Moose. It is free and open to the public.

The Play Anywhere events were designed as a unique way to fight blight. Each event is free and open to the public and includes a variety of board and card games, mindfulness games that promote thought and movement, and Safe Haven, a zombie-themed card game designed by UniversalWit to highlight neighborhood buildings.

A signature puzzle game was also designed for each community to immerse players in the neighborhood as they solve clues and find secret messages. These games can be played in teams of up to five and prizes will be awarded.

Millvale will feature The Adventures of Young Andrew Carnegie, drawing inspiration from Andrew Carnegie’s early career in Millvale. Following clues, players will piece together the puzzle to find young Carnegie’s secret invention. Attendees can also contribute to a maker art project.


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