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Is Oil City’s National Transit Building haunted?


The National Transit Building in Oil City, PA has a deep history and hosted some of the most powerful men in the country that were titans of the oil industry. Could they still be there?

The National Transit Building and its sister building known as the Annex is located at 206 Seneca Street in Oil City, PA and once was the hub of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. Now under the ownership of the Oil City Civic Center, a nonprofit, which has transformed it into artists’ studios.

“The building is important to this city and region and is thriving again,” says Trenton Moulin, executive director of the Bridge Builder’s Foundation, which has offices in the Annex Building.

There have been many stories of paranormal activity in the building. Visitors and occupants in the building often smell cigars and some have seen an apparition of a man in turn of the century clothing smoking. Investigators have heard both a man and a woman’s voice though no one was in the building at the time.

The history in the building includes some of the most powerful men at the time.  Ida Tarbell, a journalist who with the help knowing or unknowingly of H. H. Rogers exposed the Standard Oil Trust’s practices, leading to regulation that ended its dominant hold on the oil industry.

The building today houses a thriving artists live/work space. As such, it can be explored, if you are respectful of the current occupants. They might even share some of their stories.

If you are going:

Oil City is about 2 hours north of Pittsburgh. There are hotels in the area and you can also explore nearby Oil Creek Park with hiking trails that will take you by abandoned oil derricks. More information is available at https://nationaltransitbuilding.com.



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