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Ancient Text Reveals 12 Rules of the Sword


The sword is one of the best if not the best weapon you can have when facing zombies. It never runs out of ammunition. It is versatile and easy to transport. Though it can be wielded with good results from a novice, study and practice will guarantee your success if drawn into a fight.

An ancient Japanese text dating back to the 17th century, has been newly translated by Eric Shahan, a translator and martial arts master. The text titled the 12 Rules of the Sword traces its roots to Samurai Itō Ittōsai and his teachings of the One-Cut sword-fighting school.

The text details the rules of sword fighting and two magical prayers to enhance your mind and your spirit. According to Live Sciencethe prayers are vague and hard to understand the ritual. Though appearing to be super natural, science may explain the abilities.

One such example detailed in Shahan’s translation is the “eyes of the heart”. It teaches a fighter to to look at their opponent with the spirit rather than their eyes. Shahan explains that this means using your peripheral vision rather than direct vision when facing your opponent.

By using peripheral vision, you will be able to act quicker to any movement or attack. This especially important when fighting a tricky or unpredictable opponent, such as zombies.

Look for more from Eric Shahan’s translation in this space in the future and master your sword fighting skills which can ensure your survival in any zombie situation.



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